The company has reached a strategic partnership with China school network

Recently, in order to revitalize our time-honored brand "Friendship" pencil, the company has made a new understanding of Jinan Hengtong stationery Co., Ltd. (Jinan pencil factory), and reached a strategic partnership with China school network to pay attention to the growth of children through this channel

Friendship color pencil is popular with users because of its bright color, good coloring power, easy rolling and cutting, and no chemical pollution. The soft and hard lead core of this kind of products is moderate, which makes painters handy. Through the overlapping of different strength and color, it can make the color more colorful, and its painting effect can not be replaced by other pencils. Close to the market demand, the company has developed a practical safety pencil, which is loved by parents and children.

"Friendship" is a wonderful work for thousands of families. I hope friends at home and abroad cooperate sincerely, seek common development and create the future together.



Post time: 2021-08-06 11:03:03